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Until now, enterprise-class BI has been the realm of large corporations with equally large budgets to pay for high license fees, specialized software and data scientists. This changes, today. MammothDB is making its award-winning analytics database, currently used by Cisco, DHL and Publicis, available to anyone with a public cloud account, for free*. Simply register for a trial account below.

MammothDB CPS

  • Powerful Analytics Database

    Available to anyone with an AWS or Azure account.

  • Free Trial Cluster

    Trial as long as you like, paying only your cloud fees.

  • Zero Hassle, Zero Commitment

    Try our award-winning technology on your own terms.

*MammothDB offers its trial cloud provisioning service at no charge. Your public cloud may have charges associated with installation and usage of the service. These charges are not covered by MammothDB. Please check with your cloud provider.

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