Two great ways to try MammothDB today.

Business Users

MammothDB STORM – award-winning end-to-end cloud BI.

  • End-to-End Cloud BI

    Integrated dashboards, reports & user management.

  • Requires no technical knowledge

    Common reporting tools such as MRS, Excel and Tableau.

  • Several industry vertical demos

    Including logistics, retail and ticket monitoring.

Tech Users

MammothDB CPS – your free* MammothDB trial cluster in AWS or Azure

  • Powerful Analytics Database

    Available to anyone with an AWS or Azure account.

  • Free Trial Cluster

    Trial as long as you like, paying only your cloud fees.

  • Zero Hassle, Zero Commitment

    Try our award-winning technology on your own terms.

*MammothDB offers its trial cloud provisioning service at no charge. Your public cloud may have charges associated with installation and usage of the service. These charges are not covered by MammothDB. Please check with your cloud provider.

Some of our clients

What they say about us

Robert Neundlinger

“MammothDB provides a scalable and powerful internal data warehouse and end-to-end analytics solution for Piano at very affordable prices. MammothDB has been able to integrate large amounts of source data – both from transactional sources and (big) log file data from multiple source systems.”

Robert NeundlingerGlobal Director Analytics - Piano Media

Benefits of using MammothDB

All Your Enterprise Data

All your data, from across your enterprise, into one data warehouse. Using standard ETL tools, MammothDB becomes the core of your data warehouse, providing insight across your organisation.

Scale from GB‘s to TB’s

Big data, small data, it’s all easy crunching for MammothDB. Scale from as small as 50GB to as large as 50TB effortlessly! MammothDB is totally elastic, and scales easily as you get more data.

Any Reporting Tool

From Microsoft Excel to Tableau, MammothDB connects to any SQL capable visualisation tools. Dashboards, canned reports, and ad-hoc data mining are at your fingertips.

Blazing Fast

MammothDB performs queries over billions of records in seconds. No matter how many data sources, or how complex your data, starting from small data to big data, there’s no more waiting!

Fully Relational, Star + Snowflake

MammothDB is a SQL native, massively parallel, elastic database in the cloud. We’re adhere to industry proven data models, connecting to all SQL compatible reporting tools.


Stop wasting hundreds of thousands to millions on your enterprise data warehouse. MammothDB replaces old, expensive solutions, with a modern analytics database that’s easy to use, and easy to afford!